Yumm! Thank you!

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Hey Alexandra. I really love your work, thanks a lot for your fantastic newsletter. I'm living and working on a farm cooking myself and sharing anecdotes and on substack. Maybe you'd enjoy mine too 😉 peace and love, Lana

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I store peppers in the fridge. I would think they would be fine out, though, as would eggplant, if you’re using them right away. I put onions, garlic and potatoes in the fridge too though. I’ve found otherwise they get soft.

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Yum! I’m very inspired by this list, and have a feeling these will be bookmarked for the rest of summer.

My favorite gazpacho comes from Mollie Katzen’s cookbook The Heart of the Plate. I couldn’t find an online link, but it has toasted cumin seeds and my favorite ratio of oil, red wine vinegar and spice. Highly recommend if anyone has a copy of her book (or can nab a copy from the library).

For other I-Don’t-Want-To-Cook recipes, I’ve been keeping cool with these melon-based beverages:



Watermelon Lemonade: blend about 4 cups of cubed watermelon. Strain with fine mesh colander or cheesecloth. Mix up frozen lemonade concentrate replacing one can water with the strained watermelon water.

I’ve also had this salad bookmarked all summer but haven’t made it yet. This 100+ degree week might be the time to bust it out. https://smittenkitchen.com/2015/04/obsessively-good-avocado-cucumber-salad/

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I'm a year round soup eater, and in the summer I definitely lean toward chilled and lighter variations. Your cabbage soup from a few years ago is delicious chilled. It reminds me of okroshka and shchi, two Russian soups. And what a great way to use languishing produce. That herb salsa you shared is getting made this week for sure.

I had to add one more. This soup. Delicious hot and cold.


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